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Best Game Consoles

Game consoles are electronic home entertainment that run electronic games contained in cartridges, optical discs, magnetic disks or memory cards.


The first video game systems were designed solely to play games. Among the best game consoles of all time is important to note Sega Dreamcast (1999), Nintendo Entertainment System (1985), Microsoft Xbox 360 (2 005), Sega Genesis (1 989), PC Engine (1987), Sony PlayStation (1994) Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment (1990), Nintendo Game Boy (1989) and Atari 2600 (1977).

From the sixth generation of consoles there have been incorporated important features of multimedia, internet, virtual stores and online service such as Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Wii Channels.

Each step in the evolution of home consoles has scored substantial improvements in the graphics of the games. With these developments, has created scenarios and characters increasingly realistic. Another aspect which has worked over the years, is the story that every game.

Nowadays, the sixth game generation consoles have brought a new world full of joy for children, teenagers and adult.

Among the best game consoles nowadays there are: PlayStation 3 (Sony), Wii (Nintendo) y Xbox 360 (Microsoft). And of course we can not forget to mention Nintendo DS (Nintendo) y PlayStation Portable (Sony).

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